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Topic subjectOfficial 2019 Washington Football Organization Season Thread
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2702803, Official 2019 Washington Football Organization Season Thread
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Sep-09-19 09:32 AM

That many of us have given up? We usually always have a season thread up by now. Anyways...

So I decided to watch again this year after two years largely ignoring the team. After week one, there seems to be a glimmer here and there.

This o-line is gonna cost us. Guice ain't getting no real estate, and the O can't stay on the field. Philly ran all over us starting in the third quarter.

McLaurin looks good. Trading Breeland....ugh. Anyways, I'll stop here and see how it goes.

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
2702808, that loss
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Sep-09-19 10:04 AM
was kinda vomit inducing. skins looking like they had control up 20-7, then the
third quarter happened. philly looked like a brand new team with no in-game
adjustments to be found. the rookies looked surprisingly good in the first half. i
know it's early but, how much more time does gruden get here?
2702810, Can't believe Danny hasn't turned on Bruce yet
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Sep-09-19 10:06 AM
Bruce must be even better at kissing ass than Cerrato was.
2702813, FIRE Gruden (already.)
Posted by Ausar72, Mon Sep-09-19 10:15 AM
This dude is Norv Turner all over again.

Watching this team is a waste of time. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon under this regime.

I haven't really been watching this team (or the NFL) for the last 3 years or so. Just moved to Baltimore, and man, I'm loving their style of play and just the fact that they are such a well rum organization.

The pull is strong for the switch-over.

2702833, Is Gruden really the problem?
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Sep-09-19 01:35 PM
I mean, dude's not a HOF coach obviously, but this roster is a .500 team at best, especially without Trent.

Order of fault:

- Danny Boy
- Allen
- ...Gruden

And it's not like any hot young coaching candidate wants to come work in this dumpster fire.

2702852, I can imagine. Watching a well run team is life changing.
Posted by B.J.S.301, Mon Sep-09-19 08:02 PM
2702824, I gave up on the organization shorty after the RG3 fiasco
Posted by The Real, Mon Sep-09-19 11:49 AM
Things haven't really changed much since. In fact, they've gotten worse.

2702831, guice is hurt
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Sep-09-19 01:06 PM
knee injury, oh man. i guess they bring back adrian now after
the surprising scratch?
2702851, I ain't been that serious about football in three years.
Posted by B.J.S.301, Mon Sep-09-19 08:00 PM
Mostly because of work. I travel so damn much I can't catch a Washington game no more.

I aint paying for no damn replay either. It was either that or league pass and I chose league pass.

So ya'll are basically my way for NFL news...Sucks but it is what it is.
2703194, Ya'll watch the game yesterday?
Posted by B.J.S.301, Mon Sep-16-19 07:01 AM
No thoughts? I said ya'll were my go to for insight now. lol
2703195, i barely watched
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Sep-16-19 07:36 AM
why did it seem like the stadium was empty? and when i did hear people, ALL
COWBOY FANS! gruden just doesn't run a good unit, flashes are there but, the
pieces are very disconnected. i'm wondering when they will win a game now,
maybe the rookies can make it happen.
2703197, I'm coming off like a Gruden stan
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Sep-16-19 09:23 AM
but this roster is terrible.

If Gruden can get 21 ppg out of a team starting Keenum, Peterson, 36 y.o. Donald Penn, plus whoever the WRs are, I'll be impressed.

I'm just impressed Bruce Allen has managed to hang on this long. He must be world class at making Danny believe it's everyone else's fault but Danny's.
2703208, can he not demand these things?
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Sep-16-19 11:31 AM
doesn't he help put together the coaching staff? if i want to be a winner, at some
point i think i would have to demand what i want out of a team (including players)
and an organization. seems like he's okay with this mediocrity. or maybe not,
maybe he'll go be with his brother.
2703209, Clinton Portis on why
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Sep-16-19 11:48 AM
the #Redskins didn't run the ball better: "No back can run the ball with 10 carries
per game. It's just not suitable for a running back. You can't get in the groove."

and clinton portis was a pretty good running back.
2703211, I'd be shocked if Gruden is allowed to speak in meetings
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Sep-16-19 12:22 PM
let alone ask for players.

The decision making list in this franchise is exactly two names long:

1. Danny boy
2. Bruce Allen

And to be clear: this is not to make excuses for Gruden

I think he's a replacement level head coach, and above average offensive coach. (he'd be a good OC, IMO)

But nothing more than that.
2703234, I personally think he's a very poor leader.
Posted by B.J.S.301, Mon Sep-16-19 05:12 PM
Teams can't adjust well to pressure. Halfway prepares them for their matchups. Poor record for big televised games including MNF.

Who knew McVay would be the better coach? I definitely didn't see that coming.
2703632, FIRE Gruden.
Posted by Ausar72, Tue Sep-24-19 09:46 AM
Checking in after the Bears game.

Didn't watch, peeped the stats and low lights. WTF is this team doing? Where are they going? Why is Case Keenum a thing?!?

So uninteresting and now fading into irrelevance in the league. I feel like the whole organization is running like they are asleep at the wheel.


my thoughts,

2703636, Keenum's gotta go.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Tue Sep-24-19 10:36 AM
At this point all I watched last night was the fourth quarter.

Keenum was even late on the throws that he did make. Dude gotta get benched.

We have no running game, and no running back that I have faith in at the moment.

McLaurin's the real deal. Sad he'll be wasting a few years here.


"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
2703644, 4th quarter doesn't tell the story
Posted by Dae021, Tue Sep-24-19 11:59 AM
You would've had to watch early. By halftime Case had been hit like 13 times, sacked 3, knocked down 7. He was under duress the entire first half man. He couldn't set his feet, so as bad and late as you think he was in the 4th he was getting killed and he was pressing by the time you saw him.

I'll say this though, don't throw Haskins in there yet. Let Case takes these lumps until later in the year and then late him get some reps.
2703637, I watched
Posted by Dae021, Tue Sep-24-19 10:38 AM
- Case made poor plays because he was pressing last night. The offensive genius who decided that Donald Penn and Khalil Mack one on one was an ok idea should be fired. They were eating case ALIVE in the first half. Case couldn't set his feet and never got comfortable. Also he's a good dude if you have a lot to work with, this team doesn't have a ton. They have some young players that will be good later on, but overal the team isn't good enough.

- When you get down by 28 early, REALLY hard to even attempt to run the ball. At this point does it even make sense to keep AP. They're always behind and Chris Thompson just makes more sense. Gruden talks about the fact that AP isn't a good fit for his system and when its money time he's trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I think down the stretch calls had something to do with AP being pissed he was taken out and gruden attempting to appease him. The 3rd and 4th down calls were counter to what had worked to get them down the field.

- Josh looked bad again last night. Lack of pass rush is amazing. The defense that was supposed to be a strong point looked absolutely overmatched and outcoached. Its one thing to get beat by players, and another to be outschemed on Wednesday. That's what the skins looked like.

2703641, Fire Gruden. Replace Keenum. Fire Allen. None of it will matter.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Sep-24-19 11:31 AM
You could do all of the above at once. You could get multiple #1 picks in a row, and you could bring in Patrick Mahomes and Saquon Barkley. You could do any and all of those things, and the team will *still* be terrible. Because Dan Snyder.

Rooting for the Skins is like rooting for the Knicks. Your best hope is dumb-lucking into a playoff-caliber team once a decade, maybe twice if the rest of the NFL sucks. I hate watching the good people of DC, a city I love, sit stuck with one of the worst fucking franchises in all of sports. They deserve better.
2703642, This entire organization is a dumpster fire
Posted by The Real, Tue Sep-24-19 11:36 AM
I've stopped paying attention to them on the regular since the RG3 fiasco.

2703686, The Letter L loses again.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Sep-25-19 11:55 AM
I ain't forgot about how he said Cleveland didn't deserve RG3 because of how "sad" it was

He might have been OK with that, but then he (and other FCDC fans) came up to say that Washington was a better franchise.

this after 2 or 3 years of peak Snyder, and the high points of the last 10 years prior being Mark Brunell ethering the Cowboys on national TV in the Gibbs 2.0 era, and Jason "Lionel Richie of the NFL" Campbell being mildly competent for a few games.

The irony of that was, FC Washington ran RG3 into the ground. Then he showed up washed in Cleveland afterward, LOL.

even though right today the offense of all things has the Browns at 1-2, I'd take them and Flying Jimmy Haslam's bullshit over FC Washington right today because of how bad the team has continued to be.

This isn't even NFC East hate.
DC was the least hated team on my end anyway, name aside.
Unlike before, where FAs would sign just to get paid... I don't even see people Haynesworthing there anymore. There's not even a 2-3 year plan, it looks like.
2703648, Until Snyder's gone and they change the name
Posted by smutsboy, Tue Sep-24-19 01:55 PM
I won't be invested. It's dramatically increased my quality of life.
2703657, Danny Boy ain't going anywhere until he dies
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Sep-24-19 04:00 PM
The team sucks, but it makes him money. Why the hell would he sell it? Even if everyone boycotted (and yeah, that's not happening) the team would still make enough money for him to hold on to it. Plus for the narcissist he owns something only 31 other people or groups can claim..

Only reason the Knicks are worse is they have to watch 82 games of subpar product instead of 16. Even then, at least the Knocks can be slightly entertaining. The Washington football team? Eternally depressing
2703687, RE: Danny Boy ain't going anywhere until he dies
Posted by The Real, Wed Sep-25-19 01:53 PM
Exactly, until the television contract money dries up, he isn't going anywhere. The television contracts pay for every single NFL players' salary so everything else is just cake.

2703688, ironically, it's straight socialism keeping the league in business
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Sep-25-19 02:55 PM
socialism for corporations, as it were.
2703668, I barely cared about this team for the last three years.
Posted by B.J.S.301, Tue Sep-24-19 09:02 PM
Its so sad that nothing has changed. It seems to have only gotten worse. I can't give Danny Boy much more of my time. Won't change the name. Won't try to run his team like an actual sports franchise.

If anybody says I quit for good, I understand. I'm almost at that point.
2704203, Gruden officially gone.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Oct-07-19 12:36 PM
Apparently they had a meeting at 5a.m. to give him the news.


Anyway, early word is Snyder would like Tomlin or Bieniemy for his next coach.

Might as well give a black one a try, eh? (Shout out to Robiskie's temp tenure)

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
2704205, Snyder’s even more delusional than I thought.
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Oct-07-19 12:42 PM
Tomlin wouldnt touch this nuclear disaster with a 50 foot pole
2704206, and he's under contract til 2021.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Oct-07-19 12:54 PM
I mean, assuming he doesn't get fired. But telegraphing his punches early isn't helping.

Twitter is abuzz with making some unprecedented trade for a coach happen.

I just hope this next clusterfuck of a coaching hire at least has some comedy attached to it.

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
2704219, I think Tomlin is under appreciated but wouldn't wish this on him
Posted by The Real, Mon Oct-07-19 02:48 PM

2704212, Reply #19 will still apply regardless of the hire.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Oct-07-19 01:21 PM
They won't get a good hire anyway.
2704241, seriously though
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Oct-07-19 05:01 PM
how has Allen held on this long?

He's pushing Vinny Cerrato territory here
2704218, Tomlin? Isn’t this against the rules?
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Oct-07-19 02:45 PM
Snyder our here waving money bags at Tomlin.

2704220, I don't like Gruden but why now?
Posted by The Real, Mon Oct-07-19 02:52 PM
This team is NOT close to turning it around. They will probably clean house after this season and the new coach will probably want to pick his own staff.

I do NOT want a black HC to take this job because it's a loser.

2704242, yup
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Oct-07-19 05:01 PM
2704260, This org is just ewwwwww.....
Posted by B.J.S.301, Mon Oct-07-19 09:07 PM
You gone tell Gruden at 5 am that he's fired? That's some bull and I think dude is trash as a HC........

I'm at the point that I wish nothing but mediocrity for Danny. He asked for it.
2704261, Jay got put out of his misery.
Posted by will_5198, Mon Oct-07-19 09:28 PM
he'll do well somewhere else as an OC
2705102, I think he's actually a good OC
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Oct-20-19 03:55 PM
Someone should scoop him up.
2705098, 1-15 is coming ya'll....
Posted by B.J.S.301, Sun Oct-20-19 03:32 PM
I see no end in sight.
2705153, How Callahan? How?
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Oct-21-19 11:36 AM
How did you think you were gonna win this week running a 34 year old running back into the wall basically the whole first half?

Keenum barely put the ball up, Scary Terry basically getting no touches or downfield opportunities.

We couldn't put up more than 9?

Geez this is gonna be a long season.

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.