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Topic subjectBoeheim is the best coach Carmelo played for
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2701678, Boeheim is the best coach Carmelo played for
Posted by DJR, Sun Aug-11-19 09:40 AM
>>was bound to happen, though. Should’ve happened in ‘87.
>>Could’ve happened a few other times with some better
>LMAO @ "it'll happen eventually"
>That isn't how it works

In a sport where the champ is determined in a one and done format, I think if you put enough strong teams in the field for decades and decades, you’ll win one eventually. Often takes some luck. UConn washed Cuse twice that year. Texas knocked UConn out. I’ll take it.

>>I can’t really think of another coach with similar
>>accomplishments and no titles. They all got one eventually.
>Bwhahaha exactly. He had never won anything big

Take away that title....Can you think of another coach with a similar resume? Sean Miller and Thad Matta ain’t it. Great coaches like Chaney and Keady were never that close to a title. Boeheim was kinda the only guy that had won that many games, league titles, etc. and been to the championship game multiple times, without a title.

>>Boeheim’s underrated for getting the most out of his stars
>>though. Any of the criticisms of Melo, Coleman, Billy
>>etc that came about in the pros....nobody was saying that in
>Huh!?!? That isn't even a statistic. Melo was a Freshman...
>Boeheim didn't *develop* shit. Melo developed his damn self.

I didn’t say anything about developing. Of course he didn’t “develop” Melo. Melo was an NBA player from day 1. I’m talking about coaching his teams and stars and getting the most out of them. It doesn’t have to be a statistic. It’s an observation, based on watching hundreds of thousands of games. Boeheim let Carmelo shine with no dumb shit, and the offense flowed beautifully. Sounds simple, but “offensive genius” Pringles couldn’t really figure it out because his own ego got in the way.

>The rest? So you're saying Boeheim recruits well? Why are we
>inventing things that he's good at? LMAO

He used to recruit well, yes. Not so much anymore. He still knows how to win games though.

>Melo SAVED his legacy. As a FRESHMAN.

The title took his legacy up a notch to where he got credit for being a great coach. But he was still a great coach prior to the title. That was certified when he took a very marginally talented 1996 team to the title game.