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Topic subjectways to improve my fantasy football league
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2701582, ways to improve my fantasy football league
Posted by RobOne4, Wed Aug-07-19 10:05 PM
I am guessing my main league is running into the same issues some of yall are running into. We are in our 15th season and we are just getting older. We are all in our late 30's and have families and kids. Not to mention 1/4 of our league left Southern California. At this point the league is just something we do out of tradition instead of something we are excited about. Draft day used to be a big event. 8 hours of drinking and eating and shit talking. The season was 4 months of shit talking. The off season was filled with gloating by the champion. I miss those days.

I printed off these postcards to send out right after the draft. https://i.etsystatic.com/19324505/r/il/af30be/1963537740/il_794xN.1963537740_lxdi.jpg Hopefully get some good old fashioned shit talking in. Thinking of sending out gummy dicks later in the season. What are you guys doing to keep FFL interesting?