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Topic subjectThree. They're cheap and Dean Smith will have us attacking
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2701639, Three. They're cheap and Dean Smith will have us attacking
Posted by magilla vanilla, Fri Aug-09-19 11:55 AM
Likely set piece takers are Conor Hourihane and Matt Targett

Tom Heaton is the best keeper under 5 you'll find.

I wouldn't necessarily go for Wesley, as he's a) new to the league from the Belgian league and b) unlikely to fully replace the 25 goals Tammy Abraham scored last year. He likes to come get the ball and play his wingers and midfielders in-- John McGinn, Anwar El Ghazi, Jota and Trezeguet are the most likely to benefit from that approach.

But the starkest thing about the Smith turnaround is despite the odd 5-5 to Forest and 3-3 to Blades, Villa's defense tightened up a LOT under Smith, especially during the 10 win run. Tyrone Mings was essential to that, and he'll likely play every game so long as he's fit. He proved excellent in the air, stopping dribblers, and reading for interceptions. He should pop in a handful of goals too.

I didn't mention Jack Grealish-- I think McGinn will outscore him, but Grealish will likely benefit from key passes being included in the points tally. His job in this system is to operate the space between, and you'll likely see him and Wesley operating as a double pivot in the attack, weirdly. He's a special player, but I don't think he'll end up being that great for fantasy purposes (I still have him because I can't not).