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2701469, Pre-season futbol
Posted by benny, Sun Aug-04-19 09:31 AM
uh not sure where to begin with this extended break lol. Is it still worth setting up fantasy premier league?

Oh and congrats to Arsenal for the Pepe signing, great move
2701470, Klopp really needs to give up on Henderson soon
Posted by benny, Sun Aug-04-19 09:51 AM
2701480, I go back and forth
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Aug-04-19 10:50 PM
Even though it won a damn CL trophy, on days when there's two or more of: Hendo, Milner and Gini in the midfield if means there's going to be almost no midfield creativity.

But then again, LFC's current system gets a lot of its creativity from its full backs, so the midfield's job is more just to be sound positionally and defensively, which is what Hendo excels at.

If Keita can bust out, or Ox regains his form (not holding my breath), that goes a long way towards justifying starting Hendo and Fabinho at the same time.
2701476, PEPE!!
Posted by calminvasion, Sun Aug-04-19 06:12 PM
2701477, Is Pepe that good? Honest question.
Posted by dillinjah, Sun Aug-04-19 06:55 PM

>Oh and congrats to Arsenal for the Pepe signing, great move

I just don’t watch that league, but obviously you do, so...?
2701486, I think so
Posted by benny, Mon Aug-05-19 08:44 AM
ofc it remains to be seen how Emery plays him but he's got a dynamite combination of pace, creativity and game smarts that is tough to mis-use IMO
2701478, Imma be loud and annoying about Villa
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sun Aug-04-19 08:57 PM
We byke. We kept the core of the squad that got us up. We practically stole Tom Heaton off Burnley. We have a big fucking Brazilian up front. Who likes to drop deep and play in wingers. Tyrone Mings cost a quarter what Harry Maguire did and he’s about to have a much better season. We’ve got people who grew up with the team as Manager and Captain. Speaking of, Jack Grealish about to make Levy real real sad that he didn’t say “fuck it, 50 mill” last Summer.

Posted by benny, Tue Aug-06-19 09:09 PM
2701559, (no, not that one.)
Posted by magilla vanilla, Wed Aug-07-19 01:51 PM
2701569, Not gonna lie, I got confused.
Posted by dillinjah, Wed Aug-07-19 03:27 PM
2701560, This is what we did last year
Posted by magilla vanilla, Wed Aug-07-19 01:54 PM
2701578, how many Villa players should I have on my fantasy team
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Aug-07-19 05:42 PM
right now I have two
2701639, Three. They're cheap and Dean Smith will have us attacking
Posted by magilla vanilla, Fri Aug-09-19 11:55 AM
Likely set piece takers are Conor Hourihane and Matt Targett

Tom Heaton is the best keeper under 5 you'll find.

I wouldn't necessarily go for Wesley, as he's a) new to the league from the Belgian league and b) unlikely to fully replace the 25 goals Tammy Abraham scored last year. He likes to come get the ball and play his wingers and midfielders in-- John McGinn, Anwar El Ghazi, Jota and Trezeguet are the most likely to benefit from that approach.

But the starkest thing about the Smith turnaround is despite the odd 5-5 to Forest and 3-3 to Blades, Villa's defense tightened up a LOT under Smith, especially during the 10 win run. Tyrone Mings was essential to that, and he'll likely play every game so long as he's fit. He proved excellent in the air, stopping dribblers, and reading for interceptions. He should pop in a handful of goals too.

I didn't mention Jack Grealish-- I think McGinn will outscore him, but Grealish will likely benefit from key passes being included in the points tally. His job in this system is to operate the space between, and you'll likely see him and Wesley operating as a double pivot in the attack, weirdly. He's a special player, but I don't think he'll end up being that great for fantasy purposes (I still have him because I can't not).
2701479, I have my fantasy PL team picked
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Aug-04-19 10:46 PM
so I'd enter it into an OKP league if we have one
2701535, ok league renewed
Posted by benny, Tue Aug-06-19 09:09 PM

League code: t8rn7d
2701516, the most expensive defender in the world...
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Aug-05-19 04:27 PM
is Harry Maguire.

Just want to make sure that gets mentioned.
2701546, nonissue. shouldve bought him last summer but the imbecile Woodward
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Aug-07-19 10:33 AM
thought he was clever.
2701557, didn't say it was an issue. United need him
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Aug-07-19 01:17 PM
but it's sure as shit hilarious
2701558, Tyrone Mings cost a quarter and does all the things Slabhead does.
Posted by magilla vanilla, Wed Aug-07-19 01:44 PM
2701562, sounds about right. he averages about a quarter of a season too.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Aug-07-19 02:09 PM
2701563, Missed no time after he signed for us on loan.
Posted by magilla vanilla, Wed Aug-07-19 02:18 PM
Enjoy your second muppet-faced overpriced center-half.
2701556, Looks like lukaku is gone thank god
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Aug-07-19 12:30 PM
Not thrilled with the timing but addition by subtraction. Just useless unless you serve it up on a plate to him like KDB and Hazard do for him
2701588, 2 summers in a row the manager hasnt been backed
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Aug-08-19 08:04 AM
30m net spend this summer is a fucking joke. ah well it'll be fun to watch games w/ no emotional investment or standards of any sort.

hope they give out orange slices and fruit snacks after the game since we're just playing for fun now.
2701592, sideshow bob joining the arsenal? go figure
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Aug-08-19 08:33 AM
Koscielny forcing his way out leaves us no choice I suppose.

I'm just dreading the eventual pairing of Luiz and Mustafi at some point this season , due to injuries/suspensions...
2701618, first few headlines I saw I assumed they meant another Luiz
Posted by benny, Thu Aug-08-19 07:10 PM
like, some 19 yr old whiz-kid from Benfica or sthg
2701595, Spurs sign yet another player
Posted by smutsboy, Thu Aug-08-19 09:37 AM
move after move.

2701621, <<<
Posted by bshelly, Thu Aug-08-19 08:10 PM
2701752, LEVY DA GAWD
Posted by CliffDogg, Tue Aug-13-19 05:08 PM

2701619, Living the summer of Raul, we've been mulling it
Posted by calminvasion, Thu Aug-08-19 07:29 PM
No guarantees it actually translates on the field, but I've really likes or approach.

Will miss Alex, but I get it. Can't offload Mikki, so had to take the cash
2701620, I'm hopeful Reiss Nelson and/or Saka seizes the chance.
Posted by dillinjah, Thu Aug-08-19 07:32 PM

>Will miss Alex, but I get it. Can't offload Mikki, so had to
>take the cash

2701622, lol *loving* and *killing it*
Posted by calminvasion, Thu Aug-08-19 09:23 PM
2701684, Raul, Edu, and Fahmy = the holy trinity
Posted by LA2Philly, Sun Aug-11-19 05:55 PM
Incredible work this summer
Posted by benny, Fri Aug-09-19 09:43 AM
not sure the weekly posts will be required, at least at first. Maybe a monthly general futbol post to start?
2701638, I'm ready. One of my last summer fridays from work.
Posted by smutsboy, Fri Aug-09-19 11:21 AM
let's do it
2701640, so weird, hope nothing comes of this
Posted by smutsboy, Fri Aug-09-19 12:55 PM
2701641, super bizarre
Posted by benny, Fri Aug-09-19 01:09 PM
2701642, very odd
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Aug-09-19 01:10 PM
2701646, some dope names on this Norwich squad
Posted by benny, Fri Aug-09-19 02:13 PM
Stiepermann, Pukki, Cantwell, and of course Costa Rican nemesis Tim Krul
2701654, Alisson out with a non-contact leg injury
Posted by smutsboy, Fri Aug-09-19 03:59 PM
2701662, Lol right by mings. Stick your chest in the way lad
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Aug-10-19 01:01 PM
2701669, How many blocks did he have before that?
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sat Aug-10-19 05:36 PM
Getting ready to watch Maguire join the list of post-Fergie trash United have been wheeling out at center half.
2701680, how many shots did he move out the way of that led to an L
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Aug-11-19 11:07 AM
2701694, thats incredibly unfair lol
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun Aug-11-19 07:54 PM
imo he was still MOTM even with the L
2701695, it is but MV bought my boy Slabhead into it so im on his head.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Aug-11-19 08:33 PM
youre not gonna call my guy overpriced when the only reason why Mings was cheap is because he can't stay on the field.
2701696, fair enough lmao. cant argue with that
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun Aug-11-19 08:58 PM
2701699, That’s fair. Good job carving through a Lampard team.
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sun Aug-11-19 09:57 PM
We put 9 on his Derby in three meetings last year. It’s pretty fun.
2701679, Pogba needs a good slap
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Aug-11-19 11:04 AM
worst 45 i've seen him play
2701682, OT is lit today.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Aug-11-19 11:56 AM
rode our luck a bit in the first half but the desire and quality is showing today

pogba hasnt done any of his dumb shit allhalf either. simple play = success
2701685, Make-shift squad on the road to start the season....
Posted by LA2Philly, Sun Aug-11-19 05:56 PM
and we get three points while having a clean sheet. I'll take it
2701693, Wow, NBC managed to make their online service even worse?
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Aug-11-19 07:12 PM
All game replays are now only available through the paid Gold package.

Which means tv subscribers can stream matches that are on tv live, but can't watch replays without paying $65 extra for NBC Gold.

Also the replays aren't even available until 9pm.

So even if you're not a TV subscriber, you can pay one fee to stream games live, then pay a SECOND fee to watch games on demand, but not until 9pm (so not really on demand)

Quite a consumer-friendly platform you're building there NBC.

No one wants to pay for NBC Gold so their solution is to double down on it.

2701700, that’s that Comcast magic at work
Posted by benny, Sun Aug-11-19 10:20 PM
2701701, So that's what's going on
Posted by calminvasion, Sun Aug-11-19 10:51 PM
I ended up watching Friday's replay on the app, but in Spanish. The feed was available not long after the Liverpool game finished. Obviously only an option when games are aired on telumundo. Or maybe it was a glitch.

But yeah that really sux. That said I paid for gold, but that 9pm is bananas. That throws off my whole routine
2701767, Pulisic making shit happen
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Aug-14-19 02:47 PM
an assist and a goal called back just a hair offside.
2701786, that non-goal was a fantastic shot
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Aug-14-19 07:49 PM
2701797, he and Giroud have a lil something
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Aug-15-19 09:33 AM
ive never understood why they just dont make Giroud the full time striker

he dragged their asses into CL almost singlehandedly
2701807, pretty sure it's because they want their 9 to press
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Aug-15-19 12:55 PM
and dude is too old to be running around like that all game

>ive never understood why they just dont make Giroud the full
>time striker

but I agree, he deserves to be the first option considering the other question marks they have at the position.