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Topic subjectthank you..and to add some nuance to my statement..
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2701800, thank you..and to add some nuance to my statement..
Posted by Damali, Thu Aug-15-19 11:19 AM
its not just about him having a job

its about the NFL not acknowledging the intentional and systematic blackballing of him for protesting racial injustice

I can never rock with them again at least until that restorative justice has been served

There should be an acknowledgement and a public apology, as well as all teams giving him or asking for a fair "look" at his skills with sincerity, then letting him say no if he doesn't want to play.

We all know that will never happen.

Therefore, in light of their past missteps around misogyny, the mistreated of injured/retired players around concussions and CTE, covering up and wristslapping criminal players (rape, wifebeating), I will never support the NFL again.

with that said, I'm completely fine if at some point, you want someone else to do the pool. I just morally cannot.