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Topic subjectGot my medical marijuana card earlier this month
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2701795, Got my medical marijuana card earlier this month
Posted by Y2Flound, Thu Aug-15-19 08:20 AM
They added Anxiety to the list in PA which is going to add so many people to the eligiblity list since almost anyone can claim anxiety, but I actually do have severe anxiety and panic issues I've been in treatment and on meds for for a long time.

That being said, the experience of legally buying weed in a nice store is crazy.

But also, as someone who very rarely has gotten high in the last 5+ years as being in my late 30's with a young kid changes my social life, it's crazy what actually prescribed marijuana can do compared to just smoking it on your own.

All these specific strains made for very specific purposes, 2:1 CBD to THC or whatever. I honestly can hit this, function in my day and just feel non anxious in a way that no medicine or even other weed has ever been able to do for me. Science is some crazy shit.