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Topic subject real talk, I actually missed you assholes lol...
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2701523, real talk, I actually missed you assholes lol...
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Aug-06-19 08:37 AM

>...is that digital spaces, in general, have gotten
>exponentially dumber and more hateful during this site's
>existence. Meanwhile, this site has remained mostly the
>same (except for less popular and older).
>So your attraction to this place is understandable:
>people are relatively smart and decent here.
>It's just funny because I spent years here calling everyone
>ignorant and dumb. Mostly joking, but still: I had no idea
>what the rest of the internet world was like.

I was so starved for intelligent sports convo, I cannot stand any of the talking heads/"insiders" on ESPN and FOX. They flip-flop more than politicians