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Topic subjectI was gonna be legit bummed for fall saturdays without okp
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2701467, I was gonna be legit bummed for fall saturdays without okp
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Aug-04-19 09:28 AM
I watch exponentially less sports than I did in my younger days so I spend much less time on this site as a result. And there are a lot of different reasons for why I watch less sports. Not the least of which is that my pro teams are Giants/Mets/Knicks. Enough said.

But with less time devoted to sports throughout the year I feel less guilty in going EXTRA hard on cfb...so my ass is glued on the couch on saturdays from noon until Pac after dark shuts it down. The back and forth here is a really good companion to that. Overall people know their stuff, there's just the right amount of shit talking to make things fun, the homerism isn't over the top, and most importantly we can talk cfb without disturbing levels of ignorance, racism and the like. If you've been around other cfb message boards you know that that kind of shit is pretty standard issue and a big part of the demographic of this sport, unfortunately. So anyways, I'm glad this place is back up and running just in time for kickoff in a few weeks.