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Topic subjectThe fascinating thing about this site....
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2701466, The fascinating thing about this site....
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Aug-04-19 03:56 AM
>Did it at least 5 times every work day w/o thinking. Even had
>to refresh when it was up today to make sure I wasn't going
>crazy. Sorta glad it's back and sorta came to terms with this
>site's death already... but will I ever leave on my own?

...is that digital spaces, in general, have gotten
exponentially dumber and more hateful during this site's
existence. Meanwhile, this site has remained mostly the
same (except for less popular and older).

So your attraction to this place is understandable:
people are relatively smart and decent here.

It's just funny because I spent years here calling everyone
ignorant and dumb. Mostly joking, but still: I had no idea
what the rest of the internet world was like.