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Topic subjectI wish I could say I was more productive while the site was down
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2701453, I wish I could say I was more productive while the site was down
Posted by mrhood75, Sat Aug-03-19 02:15 AM
But alas... instead I decided to be active on Twitter. For promotional purposes. That was dumb.

Figure this place will be sparsely populated for a little while until word gets out that we're back. Then eventually cats will be back.

Anywho, at least I've been busy being creative on other fronts.

Still doing the Return to Zero podcast with OKP Squeeg. Still playing hip-hop:


Still doing the writing thing for Albumism.com.

Tribute to 30th anniversary of "No One Can Do It Better" - https://www.albumism.com/features/the-doc-debut-album-no-one-can-do-it-better-turns-30-anniversary-retrospective

Tribute to 30th anniversary of "Unfinished Business" - https://www.albumism.com/features/epmd-unfinished-business-turns-30-anniversary-retrospective

Let's see, concert-wise, hit up that Wu-Tang/De La/Eric B. & Rakim/Pharcyde show earlier this summer. Going to see Herbie Hancock and Kamasi Washington in few weeks.

Finally, as a general plea for help for a good dude, the homie Paten Locke is dealing with stage 4 cancer. His friends have started a gofundme to help his family, if you get a chance and have the inclination to do a good deed, hit it up at www.planetlocke.com. Anything helps.