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Topic subjecti think it's both issues for Mexico
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2700311, i think it's both issues for Mexico
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jun-26-19 12:33 PM
>mexico seems to be fading again after a big first win. could
>just be that the opponents have been better but with this
>being a pattern for them the last few years i have concerns. i
>think they will be okay.

Mexico has always imo had an issue of being the big fish in a small pond. when you're the top dog everyone is gunning for you. just so happens that everyone that's gunning for them is getting better and better all the time. they keep saying that Mexico sent their B team (I hate that term btw) but it shouldn't matter. Mexico is a favorite no matter who they put out there. also I think the rule change with teams not being able to change their lineup after the groups stages like they used to might affect everyone, not just Mexico.

>who do you think will be the top 4?

if USA wins tonight they'll get Curacao in the knockouts which they should win. Jamaica should be able to handle Panama but they couldn't finish off Curacao when they had the chance. Haiti v Canada should probably be the best game. both teams have gotten better and I think they're pretty evenly matched. i'd give the slight edge to Haiti. Mexico v Costa Rica might be the toughest game. Mexico should win, but it won't be a pushover. so i'm going USA, Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti.