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Topic subject2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
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2700305, 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jun-26-19 11:58 AM
yo this Gold Cup has been nuts so far. I thought the group stages would be boring but i'm so glad I was wrong. these small nations who were supposed to be "minnows" came to play. Curacao getting their first goal, first win and first time making it out of the group stage all in spectacular fashion. Haiti going 3-0-0, beating Costa Rica and winning their group for the first time ever. Bermuda getting their first win in their first ever appearance. Martinique actually gave Mexico a decent match.

the Nations League has apparently been a rousing success despite all the consternation from most when it was first announced. quite a few of the coaches have given credit to the Nations League for giving their guys some more experience that they wouldn't have otherwise gotten before.

and for all the negative talk about VAR at the WWC there is no VAR at the Gold Cup and that has also been a problem. quite a few concerning calls (and non-calls). I have a feeling that it will be implemented by the next Gold Cup.