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Topic subject2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
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2700305, 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jun-26-19 11:58 AM
yo this Gold Cup has been nuts so far. I thought the group stages would be boring but i'm so glad I was wrong. these small nations who were supposed to be "minnows" came to play. Curacao getting their first goal, first win and first time making it out of the group stage all in spectacular fashion. Haiti going 3-0-0, beating Costa Rica and winning their group for the first time ever. Bermuda getting their first win in their first ever appearance. Martinique actually gave Mexico a decent match.

the Nations League has apparently been a rousing success despite all the consternation from most when it was first announced. quite a few of the coaches have given credit to the Nations League for giving their guys some more experience that they wouldn't have otherwise gotten before.

and for all the negative talk about VAR at the WWC there is no VAR at the Gold Cup and that has also been a problem. quite a few concerning calls (and non-calls). I have a feeling that it will be implemented by the next Gold Cup.
2700307, ive only watched the mexico matches
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-26-19 12:07 PM
i should at least be keeping up with scores/recaps of the others. who do you think will be the top 4?

mexico seems to be fading again after a big first win. could just be that the opponents have been better but with this being a pattern for them the last few years i have concerns. i think they will be okay.
2700311, i think it's both issues for Mexico
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jun-26-19 12:33 PM
>mexico seems to be fading again after a big first win. could
>just be that the opponents have been better but with this
>being a pattern for them the last few years i have concerns. i
>think they will be okay.

Mexico has always imo had an issue of being the big fish in a small pond. when you're the top dog everyone is gunning for you. just so happens that everyone that's gunning for them is getting better and better all the time. they keep saying that Mexico sent their B team (I hate that term btw) but it shouldn't matter. Mexico is a favorite no matter who they put out there. also I think the rule change with teams not being able to change their lineup after the groups stages like they used to might affect everyone, not just Mexico.

>who do you think will be the top 4?

if USA wins tonight they'll get Curacao in the knockouts which they should win. Jamaica should be able to handle Panama but they couldn't finish off Curacao when they had the chance. Haiti v Canada should probably be the best game. both teams have gotten better and I think they're pretty evenly matched. i'd give the slight edge to Haiti. Mexico v Costa Rica might be the toughest game. Mexico should win, but it won't be a pushover. so i'm going USA, Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti.
2700312, mexico has quality players
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-26-19 12:36 PM
they are missing a few big ones but they got plenty to win it and i wouldnt consider it a b team. if they dont win it all they cant use a b team excuse. hopefully they make a big statement with their next game.
2700547, Haiti came to play (highlights)
Posted by jrocc, Sat Jun-29-19 11:13 PM
Just when it looked like Canada was about to run away with it up 2-0 at the half, Haiti comes storming back with three unanswered goals. Wow!

2700566, damn I knew that was going to be a good one
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Jun-30-19 09:21 AM
But I watched WWC all day
2700550, Mexico v Costa Rica going to penalties
Posted by jrocc, Sat Jun-29-19 11:38 PM
2700554, Mexico survives 5-4 on pk's
Posted by jrocc, Sat Jun-29-19 11:55 PM
Ochoa with a big time save to win it.
2700570, dramatic but ugly game
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jun-30-19 10:21 AM
a lot of "barely soccer" type fouls on both sides
2700745, that was a tough game
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jul-01-19 09:58 AM
either team could have won it

im wondering if that will be the best game of the cup.
2700648, Jamaica going to 3rd straight GC semifinal (1-0 over Panama)
Posted by jrocc, Sun Jun-30-19 09:28 PM
2700649, USA 1 - 0 Curacao
Posted by jrocc, Sun Jun-30-19 09:31 PM
Props to Curacao for aying as well as they did this tournament. The story is going to be that the U.S. didn't "put them away" but Curacao was actually going for it.
2700746, that game was sloppy
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jul-01-19 10:00 AM
i havent really watched usa play but they did not look good and it didnt look like it was because curacao was playing great.

im thinking jamaica will have a decisive win over usa. did usa just play down to curacao?
2700941, agreed.
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jul-02-19 09:59 AM
US was just flat, and it wasn't because Curacao was doing anything amazing. I'm no big soccer follower but the talent level looks low -- Bradley still being one of the best midfield options even though he can't run with anybody is case in point.

not every match is going to be great, but the uninspired play and horrible touches (how many easy passes were ricocheted back to Curacao? how many shots were sent to row 32?) were concerning. although not surprising for a program that missed the WC last year.
2701018, fwiw
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Jul-03-19 09:59 AM
Bradley is only there because of injuries

with Yedlin healthy, a healthy Tyler Adams probably plays in the midfield with McKinnie and Pulisic

and Bradley is only even keeping a roster spot warm until Chris Durkin (who looked real good in the U20) joins the senior team

but overall you are correct. this is kind of a lost generation.
2701007, Curacao played better than their ranking
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jul-03-19 07:55 AM
not trying to say that they are world beaters or anything like that, but they definitely have a better squad that their reputation would suggest. they out shot the USA and that's not nothing.
2701008, Haiti 0 - 1 Mexico (a.e.t.) (highlights)
Posted by jrocc, Wed Jul-03-19 07:59 AM
not gonna say Haiti was robbed on that penalty, but I predict there will be VAR at the next Gold Cup.

2701099, Jesus, Zardes is so fucking garbage.
Posted by PROMO, Wed Jul-03-19 11:32 PM
2701126, I don't watch MLS but he's been dreadful
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jul-05-19 12:25 PM
in the Gold Cup games I've watched. hope the US has some kind of attacking talent in the pipeline...
2701159, he's been up and down in his MLS career
Posted by jrocc, Fri Jul-05-19 08:35 PM
he's got talent, but can't seem to be consistent. also a little injury prone.
2701167, i saw 1 or 2 nice moments a few games ago
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Jul-05-19 09:43 PM
but definitely nothing worth leaving Sargent off the team
2701443, US wasted their chances first half
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jul-07-19 11:07 PM
totally dominated in the second. midfield play basically disappeared from the 50th minute on.