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Topic subjectPBC Charlo vs Cota
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2700125, PBC Charlo vs Cota
Posted by Roadblock, Sun Jun-23-19 06:31 PM
Charlo looking to redeem his only loss. Hope he picked up more skills and avoids purely relying on strength and aggression.
2700165, Lol, this wasn't to avenge his loss. Harrison got injured.
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Mon Jun-24-19 01:15 PM
As in Tony Harrison, the guy he lost to. He suffered an ankle injury in training and just had surgery. This was supposed to be the rematch date, but it got pushed back to later this year because of the injury.

The undercard here was the star of the show imo.

It's always a joy to see Chris Colbert. That dude is something special and will be a problem for anyone in his weight class. Super quick and elusive with fantastic shot selection.

I didn't know wtf Rigondeaux was doing standing in front of Ceja the whole night. Well yes I did know, he was getting beat up. He finally knocks the guy down and the ref waves off the fight in what looked like a pretty premature stoppage, but Ceja didn't complain much. Afterward, Rigo said he wanted to stand in the pocket b/c ppl say he runs. Ok, cool, but I hope he doesn't make a habit of that unless he drastically increases his work rate and elusiveness in close.

Joey Spencer is supposed to be that dude. 9 time nat'l champ, and all, but he looked pretty mediocre. That fight could've actually been a draw. He's only 19 tho, so he has time to improve.

Charlo did what I expected him to do with a lower tier opponent. It was pretty irresponsible of the ref to allow the fight to continue the way he did tho. Cota didn't even walk forward OR put his hands up. The ref grabbed his gloves FOR him and put them up, then signaled for the fight to continue. He could've gotten Cota seriously hurt... hell he still may have in the long term.

Overall a decent night of fights on the PBC.

In other news, on Saturday, Andrew Cancio beat Alberto Machado by KO AGAIN. First time was the 4th round, this time was the 3rd. Cancio just has that dude's number. Now DAZN has 2 super featherweight champions in Cancio and Tevin Farmer. It'd be great to either see them unify or see team Gervonta Davis finally decide to fight some real competition and unify with some of these guys. There's also Berchelt over at Top Rank/ESPN.