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Topic subjectwe did absolutely nothing with the ball up top
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2700498, we did absolutely nothing with the ball up top
Posted by benny, Fri Jun-28-19 06:29 PM
>Have very different appraisals of Jill Ellis’s performance.
>We got annhilated in the midfield. If we’re the best team in
>the world, we need to play our game, not Bournemouth’s.

IMO the US looked in control most of the game, and the last 10mins especially made it seem like y'all could push more if needed while we were completely gassed (Majri, great WC but man she was smoked out, and those throw-ins...brutal). As usual Diacre waited too long to make her changes, and made some odd decisions to start with, like having Le Sommer on the wing or not recognizing that Torrent struggles at this level. I don't want to be too harsh on her cos having that draw as organizing country is insanely tough, but it's clear that we're stagnating, as fun as it was to have the whole country rally behind women's sports for a few weeks