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Topic subjectRE: Ya'll don't think this is a handball?
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2700334, RE: Ya'll don't think this is a handball?
Posted by upUPNorth, Wed Jun-26-19 03:14 PM
I really didn't and I wanted Netherlands to win. That run of play pretty much emulates the old 'ball to hand' interpretation of the rule from something that they can't do anything about in the box, her arms really aren't 'up' and the scramble of players the ball had gone through leading up to that gave no time to react. I could see a ref waving that away before this tournament. I feel like slow motion replays sometimes give way to harsh a reaction to how things look compared to how they played out in real time. The fact she was carded for it seems even more ridiculous after review, like the VAR people saw thought it represented cautionable behaviour.