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Topic subjectRE: what an awful point for them to 'emphasize'
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2699554, RE: what an awful point for them to 'emphasize'
Posted by upUPNorth, Tue Jun-18-19 11:16 AM
The Nigeria one is definitely dumb. I'm not sure what that does to their 3rd place chances for a RO16 match, they were on track for a draw with the hosts and could definitely be dangerous to another team in a more open match.

It was definitely a surprise when they pulled the review the first time. They spent so much time talking about delayed offsides, new hand ball rules, the distance to a wall, this just seemed out of the blue for something so important. The Jamaica keeper made a really good save but then couldn't repeat it which sucked, and we've all seen worse steps off the line that she did. I'd be okay with the really ridiculous step ups called for something like this if a save is made, but it needs to be clear what they're looking at and misses shouldn't get called back. And they need to be clearer about what the taker's rules are because a while back they tried clarifying rules about the run up, and stutter stepping, that would have an impact on these calls, but no one seems to remember that part.