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Topic subjectIt's the second time they've done that on a PK.
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2699543, It's the second time they've done that on a PK.
Posted by upUPNorth, Tue Jun-18-19 08:59 AM
Did it to Jamaica against Italy when that keeper was on fire, but it was an actual save so following the 'rules' made more sense. Renard just missed and that should be on her.

I'm not mad with VAR being strict about pk rules if it becomes consistent, but we know they didn't use it for this at the Men's World Cup and I don't think they talked about this as being one of the things to look out for and you can find so many instances in the past of just how little that rule is implemented. I say this as someone who's watched a lot of women's soccer, the past few U17 and U20 world cups, youth Euro's stuff, they ref women differently sometimes, particularly at the youth level, in ways that I actually agree with in principle if the inconsistency didn't reek of some kind of expectation of obedience or strictness. I'll definitely be looking out for how all VAR stuff checks PKs in the future.

Today's Group C decider matches are really interesting. I'd love to see Jamaica finish well, but I don't think Australia will let that happen as they need that win to be in as good a position as possible. They should be able to score a few, but hopefully their lax D at times will let Jamaica get one. The Italy Brazil result could really mess with the group standings, Italy has come to play this tournament and their Women's team has been on the up lately even if people haven't been paying attention, they wouldn't be the first Europe nation to do something big after their men's team have fallen off, that won't bode well for Brazil though after that loss to Australia who now have the easier match, Marta's not 100% and they're not the same team when her and Cristiane come off the pitch.