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Topic subjectOK, LeBron is 34 with crazy mileage. Davis at 26 also has mileage.
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2700106, OK, LeBron is 34 with crazy mileage. Davis at 26 also has mileage.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jun-22-19 11:28 PM

>As has already been posted
>BI = bloodclots, might not even play
>Zo = injuries
>Hart = solid player, doesn't really move the needle TBH

Yes, I was the one who posted it. They got those same guys now as they would have gotten then. And they got No. 4 overall (which turned into 8/17/35/future first) instead of Kuz. My initial reaction was a lot like yours but the more time passes, the more I like the package they got.

>...and yes, a grip of picks...
>You remember (c)
>NOLA was offered like 7 players and 2 1st round picks

They were offered two firsts plus the same three guys and Kuz.

>They declined...and wanted more...allegedly
>...is this more...?

They declined to not cave into the Klutch meddling but their hand was pretty much forced here. Even with essentially unilateral negotiations, the Lakers had to up their offer by including 1) a more valuable asset in place of Kuzma and 2) pick swap options that weren't there previously.

>You think Dell Demps got fiyah'd because he was taking the LAL
>to the cleaners?

He got fired because he had been there forever and they are starting over. Do you think the OWNERSHIP let him handle this all on his own? Please, they were involved every step of the way and if they wanted the deal at the deadline, it would have gotten done.

>SMH@the woe is me for a team that just landed the 2 most
>coveted players in successive seasons
>G all the way the fuck outta here WTBS.

What woe is me? All I am stating is the obvious, that they went all in on LeBron's tenure. That makes sense. Not sure why you're mad about it, but then again many of your thoughts are mysteries to me.