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Topic subjectThey gave up No. 4 overall plus 2 more picks that are ...
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2700104, They gave up No. 4 overall plus 2 more picks that are ...
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jun-22-19 11:20 PM
Unknowns, basically NO gets to pick and choose which picks it ends up with. At least one of the picks is likely to stretch beyond LeBron's tenure. Do you think when they gave up the picks for Steve Nash they thought they'd be in the lotto? Shit happens.

Kuz is just a guy. Ingram is a better talent but because there's some uncertainty with his health they kept the guy who's a surer bet in that regard and more physically developed. Let's put it this way, how many teams would have traded the No. 4 pick for Kuz? Probably zero. So they give the same package as before minus Kuz but plus a more valuable asset. They didn't take back Hill's contract but they may not have cap space for a max guy anyway.

So, yes, the draft picks were significant, and hanging onto Kuz doesn't mean a ton when the cost of keeping him is the No. 4 pick.

I am not against the deal but they definitely went all in here. They will have a hangover from this deal after LeBron leaves.