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2700090, lolz
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Jun-22-19 05:43 PM


yeah, rob pelinka's a friggin' genius.

*jerkoff wrist motion*

rich gets all and I mean ALL the credit here. he made this happen.

furthermore, I have close to zero faith in that org chart they've got over there being able to put a championship cast around their two studs. their roster is barren right now, and their coffers will be empty after this summer. cap space, draft picks, trade assets. they're shooting their entire load, right now. they used all their good stuff to get AD (and rightfully so)

meaning they're going to have to thread the needle and strike gold *multiple* times over the next few years, with basically no margin for error. I'm talking finding a dejounte or siakam in the 20's, a van vleet level udfa or two, a george hill for kawhi type flip, hitting on every single exception and vet-min guy, etc etc. alladat.

sorry but let's just say that I don't see linda rambis n'em having the nous to pull that off.