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Topic subjectMan, y'all need to actually READ the rules before commenting
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2699690, Man, y'all need to actually READ the rules before commenting
Posted by auragin_boi, Wed Jun-19-19 08:52 AM
NON-BIRD EXCEPTION -- This is also a component of the Veteran Free Agent exception. Its name is somewhat of a misnomer, since Non-Bird really is a form of Bird rights. Players who qualify for this exception are called "Non-Qualifying Veteran Free Agents" in the CBA. They are veteran free agents who are neither Qualifying Veteran Free Agents nor Early Qualifying Veteran Free Agents, and include the following:

Players who finished the season with a given team, who have played no more than one season without clearing waivers or changing teams as a free agent.
Players who were Early Bird free agents, but whose team renounced its right to use the Early Bird exception to re-sign the player.
Players who were to be Larry Bird or Early Bird free agents, were playing on one-year contracts, and were traded mid-season.
This exception allows a team to re-sign its own free agent to a salary starting at up to 120% of his salary in the previous season (not over the maximum salary, of course), 120% of the minimum salary, or the amount needed to tender a qualifying offer (if the player is a restricted free agent -- see question number 42), whichever is greater. Raises are limited to 5% of the salary in the first year of the contract, and contracts are limited to four seasons when this exception is used.

A partial season counts as a full season for the tenure calculation related to Bird rights. If a team signs another team's free agent to a Rest-of-Season contract mid-way through the season, then at the end of that season the player is a non-Bird free agent.

^^^^^^^^^This falls under the cap 'exceptions' along with bird rights and early bird rights.

Every dude who finished the season on their roster is eligible to be resigned and push them over the cap. They just have to sign the max players first.

Oh and never mind there's a minimum roster requirement so:

MINIMUM PLAYER SALARY EXCEPTION -- Teams can offer players minimum salary contracts even if they are over the cap. Contracts can be up to two years in length. In a two-year contract, the salary in the second year is specified in the minimum salary scale in effect when the contract was signed (see question number 22). The contract may not contain a bonus of any kind. This exception can also be used to acquire minimum salary players via trade. There is no limit to the number of players that can be signed or acquired using this exception.