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Topic subjectLMAO, Kuzman is AT BEST Rudy Gay status...dude is 24 BTW
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2699654, LMAO, Kuzman is AT BEST Rudy Gay status...dude is 24 BTW
Posted by FILF, Tue Jun-18-19 07:24 PM
>how do you give up your future when you,
>(1) retain Kuz (the most coveted of your young core)
>(2) get Anthony F'ing Davis (26 y.o. in his prime)
>Even taking LeBron out of the equation - starting with those
>two pieces gives you at *least* a decade of a hell of a duo to
>build around. They made their future *brighter* by making
>this move.
>And I don't want to hear about the draft picks. Chances are,
>those draft picks won't amount to much and they are better off
>piecing together complementary pieces in free agency.
>Also - people always point to the Boston-Brooklyn blockbuster
>deal (which was dumb as hell for Brooklyn) - but did
>Brooklyn's future get destroyed? Right now - you'd say
>absolutely not. They are a playoff team with a lot of young
>talent, despite that blunder.
>But the Lakers secured a much brighter future by acquiring a
>once in a decade type talent in AD in exchange for Lonzo & BI
>(two guys who can't stay healthy and don't nearly have the
>upside of AD obviously). Hart is replaceable AF.