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Topic subjectRE: he did have to give away the Lakers' entire future
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2699651, RE: he did have to give away the Lakers' entire future
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jun-18-19 06:51 PM
LOL, AD is 26


Bron will still be crab dribbling in 2022

TF are you talking about?

NOLA loses leverage by the day

They would have gotten more from LAL at the trade deadline

As has already been posted
BI = bloodclots, might not even play
Zo = injuries
Hart = solid player, doesn't really move the needle TBH

...and yes, a grip of picks...

You remember (c)

NOLA was offered like 7 players and 2 1st round picks

They declined...and wanted more...allegedly

...is this more...?

You think Dell Demps got fiyah'd because he was taking the LAL to the cleaners?

SMH@the woe is me for a team that just landed the 2 most coveted players in successive seasons

G all the way the fuck outta here WTBS.