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Topic subjectI really don't get this "they gave up their future" line of thought
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2699646, I really don't get this "they gave up their future" line of thought
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Jun-18-19 06:23 PM
how do you give up your future when you,

(1) retain Kuz (the most coveted of your young core)
(2) get Anthony F'ing Davis (26 y.o. in his prime)

Even taking LeBron out of the equation - starting with those two pieces gives you at *least* a decade of a hell of a duo to build around. They made their future *brighter* by making this move.

And I don't want to hear about the draft picks. Chances are, those draft picks won't amount to much and they are better off piecing together complementary pieces in free agency.

Also - people always point to the Boston-Brooklyn blockbuster deal (which was dumb as hell for Brooklyn) - but did Brooklyn's future get destroyed? Right now - you'd say absolutely not. They are a playoff team with a lot of young talent, despite that blunder.

But the Lakers secured a much brighter future by acquiring a once in a decade type talent in AD in exchange for Lonzo & BI (two guys who can't stay healthy and don't nearly have the upside of AD obviously). Hart is replaceable AF.