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Topic subjectultimately the commish works for the owners.
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2699619, ultimately the commish works for the owners.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Jun-18-19 04:12 PM
he can't have a riot on his hands over the irresponsible actions of a team controlled by the league. gone over ... over and over.

the lakers kept pau and odom and managed to make their super team move anyway, which fell flat on its fucking face. i can't believe people are still crying about that.

this was a weird trade. bron/paul forced the pelicans but also kind of forced the lakers here. we'll see what the pels do with the pick and with ball and if BI stays healthy. potentially good trade for both teams, but we'll see. obviously for the lakers it all depends on results. if they win a chip or more, huge win. if they don't, they just repeated the mistakes of the howard/nash fiasco.