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Topic subjectFair. But meh for an all-NBA guy? I dunno
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2699469, Fair. But meh for an all-NBA guy? I dunno
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon Jun-17-19 08:58 AM
Can't clap to that one. I think you make the most of what you got.

He had a 31% usage rate to keep them competitive. Teams threw their entire defensive scheme at him (and have been for quite some time now) and he still got All-NBA numbers.

2018/19 - Jeremy Lamb: 15ppg
2017/18 - Dwight Howard: 16ppg
2016/17 - Nic Batum: 15ppg
2015/16 - Nic Batum: 14.9ppg
2014/15 - Al Jefferson: 16.6ppg

Who on this list of the 'second best guy on the team' for the last 5 yrs actually helps when it comes to winning?

I mean, Kemba is the team leader so he takes some of that blame but he did fine considering what he had and would likely do better playing next to two guys better than him.