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Topic subjectYep. This is my concern going forward.
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2699457, Yep. This is my concern going forward.
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jun-17-19 07:59 AM
We were in the mix because Rich Paul killer the market.

We then bid against ourselves.

All of which is fine, but then Rob got taken to the woodshed not just with the picks, but with the over the top amount of control given to NO for the picks.

Which is, potentially, a lot, and could cause serious damage down the line.

But then, it appears, he essentially gave away 12 mil in cap space.

Which, again, is a lot. We got the biggest/best prize in the deal, so cool.

But it also speaks volumes on Pelinka's abilities, and is a fine example of Jeanie's nepotistic leanings.

We're in great shape to contend, but Rob may well find a way to fuck up a good thing with stupid shit like this.