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Topic subjectThis deal worked great for both teams. Rare when all sides win
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2699444, This deal worked great for both teams. Rare when all sides win
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Jun-16-19 08:15 PM
in a deal - but the only negotiating piece here was likely a decision for the Pels to accept the fact that Kuz wouldn't be involved. As (some of us) discussed in February - no other team was ever going to offer such an array of assets - but that's only because AD has been intent all along on being in L.A. w/ Kang. Boston would've absolutely dealt Tatum and who TF ever if AD wanted to be in Boston.

He's that rare.

And that's why the Lakers win big w/ this deal. He's easily the most gifted player LeBron has ever played with. Having an athletic big (who can shoot), play elite D, and run the floor effortlessly is an ideal pairing with LeBron (particularly this older version of Bron). AD can carry a massive load and absorb super high mileage. He's in his prime. You give up Zo, BI, Hart & picks to get him *now*. Lakers are now in a position to win right now.

And everyone saying "who else is on the team tho? lul'z"

You start with Bron, AD & Kuz (and manageable cap space) - and you'll figure it out. Target-rich FA environment. This ain't rocket science.

Pels get rich with young, budding talent to cushion Zion's ascent. If he's *that* great - he'll certainly have a chance to showcase it early & often. I'd be excited if I was a Pel fan. Zo & Zion breaks will be special.