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Topic subjectif the pelicans trade davis to LA in february
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2699395, if the pelicans trade davis to LA in february
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Jun-15-19 11:37 PM
the lakers aren't in the lottery. by waiting they increased the value of the 2019 pick from the late teens to #4.

they also plan in rerouting that pick to a third team for even more value.

and they essentially control the Lakers draft for the next 7 years.


No. 4 pick in 2019
Top-8 protected in 2021, becomes unprotected in ‘22
Unprotected swap in ‘23
Unprotected first in ‘24
Unprotected swap in ‘25


that's an absurd return for a guy with one foot out the door, who the Lakers could have signed outright in a year for free.

no way did the pels get fleeced here. this is excellent work by david griffin. I'd go so far as rating it an A+ for them, depending on what they get back for the #4.