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Topic subjectI hear you, don't disagree
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2699311, I hear you, don't disagree
Posted by Orbit_Established, Fri Jun-14-19 10:52 PM

>Different people may need different things but....Kawhi just
>got a title with his thing...so....it would be pretty strange
>if no other top player would not be "influenced" by that kind
>of success.

Kawhi's control over his body hopefully changes how
athletes treat their bodies

The key reason Kawhi's situation so big is that he
had an open conflict with his team over his injury.
his team openly said he lied

But I think Lebron James is really the modern
basketball player who set the trend on this. This is part
of why those 8 Finals in a row is so legendary: it is
incredibly hard to play that late into the year every year