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2699222, Salute
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jun-14-19 11:11 AM
>^^^ I'm Happy, everyone here is Chubbs
>Kawhi is a no nonsense winner
>Kawhi is truly the closest thing we've seen to Michael Jordan
>reincarnate - not Kobe's weird tribute band act, not LeBron's
>desperate-to-be-an-icon bit
>Kawhi is clearly a great teammate
>Most importantly, Kawhi is an agent of change, a one man
>culture shift that put a historically underachieving club over
>the hump. If we're honest, credit where it's due to Masai
>Ujiri, but Kawhi almost singlehandedly made this possible.
>There's no bitch in this man's body. He's anti-bitch. He's the
>most authentic basketball player we've had since Tim Duncan.
>Ironic too, because Duncan gassed Popovich up into thinking he
>was a genius. That ego would come back to haunt him and
>ultimately cost him the best player in the world. Hubris is
>I hope he stays, but he owes Toronto nothing and I think it
>would be as amicable a parting as we've ever seen should he go
>elsewhere. (Kyrie Irving should take notes - on accountability
> and professionalism)
>I'm sorry.
>I'd kind of quit the boards anyway, but thought it was
>worthwhile to show up for this L. I misread that scene in the
>worst way, with little to no information other than the same
>dogshit twitter "reports" we all see. My bad. Plus, just in
>the spirit of being a good dad and trying to keep a positive
>energy at all times, calling anyone on the internet
>"bitch-made", much less someone I've never even met, is like
>the LAMEST thing a person can do.
>Cheers to Kawhi Leonard, my favorite player in the league.