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Topic subjecthere to accept the maybe all-time worst L in the history of the board
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2699192, here to accept the maybe all-time worst L in the history of the board
Posted by Tiger Woods, Fri Jun-14-19 08:45 AM
^^^ I'm Happy, everyone here is Chubbs

Kawhi is a no nonsense winner

Kawhi is truly the closest thing we've seen to Michael Jordan reincarnate - not Kobe's weird tribute band act, not LeBron's desperate-to-be-an-icon bit

Kawhi is clearly a great teammate

Most importantly, Kawhi is an agent of change, a one man culture shift that put a historically underachieving club over the hump. If we're honest, credit where it's due to Masai Ujiri, but Kawhi almost singlehandedly made this possible.

There's no bitch in this man's body. He's anti-bitch. He's the most authentic basketball player we've had since Tim Duncan. Ironic too, because Duncan gassed Popovich up into thinking he was a genius. That ego would come back to haunt him and ultimately cost him the best player in the world. Hubris is something.

I hope he stays, but he owes Toronto nothing and I think it would be as amicable a parting as we've ever seen should he go elsewhere. (Kyrie Irving should take notes - on accountability and professionalism)

I'm sorry.

I'd kind of quit the boards anyway, but thought it was worthwhile to show up for this L. I misread that scene in the worst way, with little to no information other than the same dogshit twitter "reports" we all see. My bad. Plus, just in the spirit of being a good dad and trying to keep a positive energy at all times, calling anyone on the internet "bitch-made", much less someone I've never even met, is like the LAMEST thing a person can do.

Cheers to Kawhi Leonard, my favorite player in the league.