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Topic subjectwait, how did ya'll let him distract from Kyrie?
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2699245, wait, how did ya'll let him distract from Kyrie?
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jun-14-19 01:07 PM

Dude has been in hiding on some stan-protection-program shit because Ky ended up being exactly who we all thought he was (hell, maybe even worse)...and you guys let him show up to throw this bomb and bounce?


There isn't a GM in this league that would take Mr flat earth over Dame now. Not.a.one.

Hell, at this point, there's probably quite a few who wouldn't take him over Kemba.

Shit, Kyle Lowry just showed more heart and leadership.

And a reminder that 5 foot nothing Isiah Thomas did a lot more with a lot less.

Boogie this, Boogie that.

Nah. Don't let up. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near here without being called out on his Kyrie Ls. (yes, plural)