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Topic subjectFUCK BOSTON!
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2698906, FUCK BOSTON!
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-13-19 07:15 AM
2698909, What happened? Celtics got AD? I don't see that anywhere but...
Posted by Creole, Thu Jun-13-19 08:40 AM

what you got?

Or are you talking about the Red Sox?

The Patriots?

or the Bruins?
2698910, alluvem...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-13-19 08:53 AM
>what you got?
>Or are you talking about the Red Sox?
>The Patriots?
>or the Bruins?

the Celtics

clam chowder

Samuel Adams

the tea party

fuck anything that is associated with that bullshit cheating ass racist city.

Fuck them as a staff, record label and as a mf crew!
2698919, LOL, I know you're partying over this
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Jun-13-19 11:12 AM
I turned the game on when they were up 2-0 in the 3rd. When they went 4-0.... I was laughing