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Topic subjectI 100% understood Jermaine's perspective
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2698828, I 100% understood Jermaine's perspective
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jun-12-19 12:48 PM
I never like extrapolating out what "could have been" when it comes to championships, but that Pacer's team was really, really good. It was Reggie Miller's last real shot at a championship, and, as it turned, O'Neal's as well.

Since all I know about their personal interactions comes from that doc, I can see why O'Neal's has lingering anger towards Artest, especially since the two of them seemed to have long been at odds with each other.

I thought Ron did say that he reached out to Jermaine and the other guys for a while? Like, even before he talked to the cup thrower? I could be wrong. Again, I also understand why Jermaine wouldn't want talk to him. People deal with their anger on their time and in their own ways. O'Neal doesn't owe Artest forgiveness.