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2698711, C'mon J
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Jun-11-19 09:25 AM
>-Thunder win the title if Klay doesn't go bonkers and hit 11
>3's, the Thunder were the best team that year and Golden St
>was beat up from that series and ran cold against the Cavs

I think most people assume this. Though it's not a foregone conclusion.

>-KD joins Warriors, people think he might be the 3rd option
>(OMG, lol, but true) and is just there to passively get a

Only idiots thought this lol

>-KD carries the team because let's be honest Steph and Klay
>can go OFF at times, but consistency is in question, KD is Mr.
>Consistency, wakes up on game day knowing he's getting 25+ on
>efficient shooting (the anti-Kobe). Iggy and Draymond were
>often the 2nd and 3rd best players on the court those 2 years.
>No sleight to Klay because he always put 100 percent into
>locking down whoever he guarded and he's the human spacer,
>allowing everyone else to get theirs without doing anything
>but being there.

He's their neutralizer when they go up against the most elite players. We saw last night how he neutralized Klaw for a half and the Warriors were in control of that game.

>-Warriors were a one and done championship team without him,
>no dynasty, nope. They needed him as much as he needed them.

I wouldn't go this far. We don't know if they still replace Harrison or not. But they were much deeper and still were the best team in the West. Maybe the go 2-2 or 1-3 vs the Cavs but they'd still be competing for titles right now.

>-Warriors fans go apeshit this year when they sweep a
>mediocre, guard-heavy team without any frontcourt talent, "Oh,
>we're better without him!" JFC, that level of disrespect
>doesn't even exist in most other fanbase's realities. It's
>almost like the Patriots or Packers saying they'd be better
>without Brady or Rodgers because the backup QB played well
>against some garbage teams.

Nah, this would be like their backups skating the the AFC Championship/NFC Championship and getting to the super bowl without them. But I agree, it was a stupid sentiment to begin with.

>-Even in a limited time before the injury, you can see how
>much better they are with him, he's built for grind it out,
>playoff-style basketball
>-Fuck Toronto fans. In their defense, I think they got caught
>up in the moment and were cheering their team's shot at
>winning when KD went down, but its still not a legit excuse.
>I've been in the building when Todd Day went down against UT
>and would never have dreamed of cheering for someone to be in
>that kind of pain, and we hated Arkansas in that era. I've
>also been to OU games when a Longhorn or Sooner got hurt,
>everyone applauded when they were OK, and again, we hate each
>other between the lines. YOU JUST DON'T CELEBRATE A PLAYER
>-I hope he stays, it's clear that despite the media trying to
>put a wedge between these guys, they have each other's backs,
>and that's all that matters.

^^^I'm with you on alladis

>-If he comes back from injury and stays, they get 3 more
>titles (dead serious).

Eehhh...maybe 1 or 2 if they get reeeeeaally lucky. Maybe. Bench gotta improve leaps and bounds and they gotta hope the rest of the league doesn't catch up while father time does (not likely because we're seeing it already).

>-If KD never plays again he's a first ballot HOFer and the
>greatest offensive weapon of all time. You can't put him on
>Lebron, MJ, or Kareem level, but easily as good or better than
>Magic, Bird, Dr. J. Any kind of Kobe comparison: LOL. If your
>top 5 doesn't include him, bless your heart.