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Topic subjectthe far too early KD should stay poast
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2698660, the far too early KD should stay poast
Posted by poetx, Tue Jun-11-19 12:03 AM

i thought he should stay anyway because of the following:

- anywhere he goes is still gonna be considered a superfriends situation, unless he got patience to rebuild somewhere

- who he gonna play with? bron? that would be worse (in public perception) than playing with steph and 'nem. kyrie? shit. i wouldn't. w/ kawhi somewhere? he's now in the same breath as kd, so that'd be going to the dubs all over again

- the fans (and, real haters and imaginary haters) are ALWAYS gonna talk shit. knowing ppl gonna talk shit is part of growing up. he went down in the playoffs and he went from 'best player on the planet' to "kawhi best player on the planet' to 'dubs better without him'. playing to public opinion is a losing game. always. he should ignore that shit

my thoughts after the injury:

- unless there was some shady shit where they were pressing him against his will, he should stay at GS

- who else has the patience to let a potential superstar player sit out damn near a whole season before coming back? (they did it w/ boogie)

- who else has the luxury, roster wise, to do that and still win?

- who can pay him more? (and if they offer anything less than the maximum that will be truly fucked up)

- by all accounts, dubs have one of the best organizations, if not THE best organization in the league as far as the extra shit they do for their players and players' families compared to other squads.

unless there was some bullshit behind the scenes, he needs to stay.

peace & blessings,



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