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Topic subjectNBA Prospect Charles Matthews tears ACL during Celtics workout
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2698444, NBA Prospect Charles Matthews tears ACL during Celtics workout
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Mon Jun-10-19 09:20 AM
Unfortunate news for the kid. I hope a team still takes a gamble on him in the 2nd round and works with him during his rehab. He's a hard worker and should bounce back.
2698454, Damn
Posted by Mack, Mon Jun-10-19 10:51 AM
that sucks...hopefully he catches on somewhere. Enjoyed watching him at Michigan.
2698462, Sucks
Posted by Ceej, Mon Jun-10-19 12:45 PM
2698471, Awful news for a fringe draft pick.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 02:37 PM
A guy who's a lock for the first round, okay, he'll get paid as he recovers. Someone who wasn't a lock to get drafted at all? Goddamn, just brutal. Maybe a G-League team will pick him up and help him recover.
2698849, I don't know anything about him. Is he a senior?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Jun-12-19 04:13 PM
Is there a chance he could return to college and then re-enter the draft next year?

There are no words I can come up to describe how disillusioning this injury is for him. Right on the eve of what was supposed to be the reaping of the years of work and sacrifice.

I hope he's able to come back.