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Topic subjectPeople like their narratives and agendas
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2698911, People like their narratives and agendas
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Jun-13-19 09:09 AM
They like idea that KD told the team that he wanted to play and Bob Myers and Lacob is responded “Duh! What took you so long!” Even if it has no basis in reality.

The Warriors worked closely with KD’s personal doctor, who he’d consulted to get a second opinion.

They even worked with KD’s business partner/manager/agent, who’s job is to put KD first.

All the medical professionals, including the ones that KD was personally paying, believed the worst thing that could happen was that he’d retweak his calf.

Now, of course, everyone was wrong. And hindsight 20/20, everyone is saying that the definitely should have kept him out. But they all decided at the time that it was worth the risk.