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2698736, That aint it chief.....
Posted by blueeclipse, Tue Jun-11-19 12:23 PM
The Warriors are absolutely to blame for this. Myers and Kerr can come out all they want and try to run that game about the doctors and the "testing" and what not but he didn't even go through a full practice. This isn't the type of injury you don't practice with and then try to go full speed.

I told my buddy that if he comes back without that calf fully healed he will tear his Achilles almost 100% because of how long he is. Once there is no give in that muscle the only thing that can happen is that Achilles rupture with that much torque on it.

It's not like you can just tell the guy to go half speed or try and control his minutes hoping he will just spot up and not go hard. Once he was in the flow of the game that was a wrap. He was going to try to take someone off the dribble.

This is a travesty all around for Golden State.

Agendas aside. Hot takes. Whatever. Legacy. They are a loaded team even without him. You don't take the risk. It's not worth it. Even if you lose the Finals you don't do it. He may never be the same player again. We don't know. It's a damn shame.