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Topic subjectWhy are the Warriors to blame?
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2698731, Why are the Warriors to blame?
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-11-19 11:37 AM
Maybe KD knew the risks and still decided to play. Maybe what Myers said about the staff working with KD for four weeks and then clearing him after watching him practice and attend shootarounds is accurate. Again, maybe KD knew the risks and still decided to play.

We're very quick to blame without recognizing that man has his own mind and did what he wanted to do regardless of what caused him to do it. We piss and moan about personal accountability, in other instances, but are quick to blame someone else when a grown-up makes their own decision.

I'm seeing it here and in the media. It's weird to blame someone else for what that grown man decided to do. The fact that he put it on the line, after presumably knowing the risks, is admirable and damned respectable.

He, literally, put it all on the line to help his team win. He was very well-compensated prior this injury and will continue to be so as a result of this. I'm wishing the brother brother great health and peace of mind. And I'm hopeful that the folks who cleared him to play will be free from any guilt about what's transpired.