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Topic subjectRE: KD... Mad respect for the cat! And mofos still knocking Steph like they...
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2698685, RE: KD... Mad respect for the cat! And mofos still knocking Steph like they...
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Jun-11-19 07:30 AM
>could damn near two miles during a game and still have the
>wherwithal to hit crucial shots down the strecth. No excuses
>for dumb turnowver but damn...
>Some of y'all act like the dude ain't balled the fugg out in
>the last five years. A ton of other PGs (players for that
>matter) wish they coudl do what he's doing and has done. But
>keep cookin...
>2019 Playoffs:
>28.5 PPG
>6.1 RBG
>5.7 APG
>1 SPG
>3.0 TOV
>Sad that one has to knock one person just to boost another.
>Why can't they both be great at what they do? Steph and KD are
>asked to do different things. Both do them better than almost
>anyone ever who's played their same position. One is the
>greatest shooting PG guard (and player) we've ever seen while
>the other is legit top three all-time SF because of his
>scoring prowess and presence.

Maybe I’m watching with biased goggles on but I see Klay balling and saving the dubs as much as if not more than Curry. And he’s playing adult defense regularly. And I don’t see nearly as many ‘get benched’ turnovers.

Also, Kyle Lowry’s a ho and whatever their idiot coach said during that horrible timeout must’ve shaken him to his core. He missed two good looks. The first one? Dude was La fitness pickup game open. I flipped over a chair when he hit the side of the backboard on that last shot.

And duh, the KD thing sux.