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Topic subjectRE: 2 weeks ago, they were better without him...
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2698467, RE: 2 weeks ago, they were better without him...
Posted by Vex_id, Mon Jun-10-19 01:11 PM

>Can’t think of any superstar that has been treated worse
>than KD’s time in GSW

LOL. Yea I can't think of any other superstar who was universally villainized, had hate letters written to him by owners, and was boo'd at every arena to where entire radio/tv personalities had whole programs dedicated to denigrating and hating on legacy.

Never seen that before.

Of course, this is just a fraction of the hate that LBJ was getting. But that's because Kang carried the cross to pave way for his little brothers. KD followed in his footsteps, and will do so yet again when he leaves GS unceremoniously. But unlike Kang, he won't be headed to the most historic championship in league history (via the greatest reunion moment in sports history) - he'll just be going somewhere cool to ball out and ride out his last chapter comfortably.

But that's what fathers and big brothers do: make life easier for those who come after them.