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Topic subjectLSU Freshman is the new Flo Jo!!!! 10.75!!!!!
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2698374, LSU Freshman is the new Flo Jo!!!! 10.75!!!!!
Posted by Castro, Sun Jun-09-19 11:07 AM
Sha'Carri Richardson....


2698375, RE: LSU Freshman is the new Flo Jo!!!! 10.75!!!!!
Posted by calminvasion, Sun Jun-09-19 11:34 AM
Had to look up the women’s WR. 10.49 is not that far. Have to imagine she’ll break it if she stays healthy in the next 2-4 years
2698383, The previous youngest to run sub 10.8 never improved her time
Posted by FILF, Sun Jun-09-19 01:24 PM
Nobody has also come within 0.1 of FloJo's time for the past 30 year even with Marion Jones doped to her gills.
2698385, Yeah, Richardson could turn into a HUGE star ...
Posted by Walleye, Sun Jun-09-19 01:47 PM
...and still never get close to 10.49. Those women's records from the 80's are not the sort of thing that, when broken, any of us are going to see coming. They're some of the hardest non-cumulative records in sports.

There's a ton of people who think that FloJo's WR wasn't legitimate either. I guess the story is that it was full on gusty on the homestretch all day, including her race, but that the wind gauge read 0.0 and so it was probably broken.
2698423, This is the first person since Marion that I think has a shot.
Posted by Castro, Sun Jun-09-19 08:48 PM
Her form is great and she has improved this whole season. Running 10.8 at age 25 is amazing....but to be running it at 18/19?????

2698424, Also super hyped that NC A & T is an NCAA track power as well.
Posted by Castro, Sun Jun-09-19 08:49 PM
They have been doing well nationally. Hope that other HBCUs see that they can pick a sport and make their squad a national power.