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Topic subjectI posted this in the Kawhi trade post:
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2698337, I posted this in the Kawhi trade post:
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Jun-08-19 02:59 PM
"I also think a 60+ win season and a Finals appearance would give Kawhi a *lot* to think about before he packs his bags. And that's the risk Toronto is willing to take. I dig it.

Plus, all it takes is one key injury for Golden State to be *vulnerable.* Still the favorite, but by less of a margin."


They got to 58 wins, not 60, but everything else is playing out precisely that way. Gonna put the Raps in such a great position.

And even if Durant comes back and the Warriors win the next 3 games (definitely not impossible), Toronto's done more than enough to show Kawhi that they can continue their path the next couple of seasons and continue to contend.