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Topic subjectNets get rid of the Crabbe...
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2698096, Nets get rid of the Crabbe...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Jun-06-19 04:04 PM
2698097, Now they can afford either 2 max FAs OR 1 max + D'Angelo.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Jun-06-19 04:05 PM
2698099, This tweet DESTROYED me, lmao
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 04:11 PM
2698137, What if the NETS pulled KD and Ky instead of the Knicks??
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 07:38 PM
How fantastic would that be?
2698138, I've been thinking they could nab KD for a while now
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 07:48 PM
Kyrie I haven't pondered at length because he plays the same spot as Russell but I guess Russ is RFA so some moves could be made there.
2698140, Atlanta now has 8/10/17 in the first round, nice.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 07:52 PM
This gives them another reason to trade up. Would love to see them move up to 3 and then get a sleeper like Bol at 17.
2698163, Hawks were idiots to give up Taurean Prince.
Posted by Castro, Fri Jun-07-19 12:56 AM
2698180, Weren't they gonna have to pay him after next year tho?
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Jun-07-19 01:03 PM
If he's not part of their long term plan and they think, by ditching him, they could make a play to somehow move up to a top 3/4 pick, then it's a good move. I like Prince, but he doesn't scream more than good role player long term imo.
2698182, I'll be upset if they trade D'Angelo but as a season ticket holder....
Posted by guru0509, Fri Jun-07-19 01:14 PM
my pockets will be super happy if they bring in two max free agents.

might not ever have to pay for a vacation again.