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Topic subjectWait so a kid drew on the wall and a dog pissed?
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2698350, Wait so a kid drew on the wall and a dog pissed?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jun-08-19 05:07 PM
Pretty much shit that any parent has had to deal with and could be solved with some paint and a can of disinfectant spray. They should have taken care of it but I'm not sure where I am seeing 110K in that.

Also Scottie Pippen is an enormous asshole, so I tend to think there is something petty and overblown here. Not one person I've known who's dealt with him professionally or even in a casual encounter has had a positive thing to say about him. Maybe he's mellowed now because I saw him recently (he was randomly at an event for a friend of a friend) and he managed to go a full 90 minutes without shitting on somebody. That's gotta be pushing his personal record.