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Topic subject Having watched the match a day late on DVR
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2697750, Having watched the match a day late on DVR
Posted by Selassie I God, Sun Jun-02-19 09:43 PM
I pretty much agree with what everyone has already said;

1) The match was underwhelming, sloppy, and borderline MLS-like

2) The handball was legit, but it seemed like they were trying to give Liverpool the advantage early and that made it easier.

3) Spurs couldn't generate anything. Kane was basically a shadow...to say a decoy is being generous. Son's best chance got swatted by van Dijk. Erikson was good, but not his usual level of good. Rose....ineffective.

4) My hatred for Jurgen Klopp is at ShEli Manning, Chris Sale, Ed Hochuli levels of hatred. F*CK HIM